Welcome to International Rail Partners

International Rail Partners (“IRP”) is focused on acquiring and operating North American and international freight railroads, as well as ancillary rail services throughout the world. IRP strategically invests in railroad assets where significant value can be added through our expertise.

IRP draws on the depth of experience of its executive team to achieve its goals. The IRP team has an established reputation for acquiring and profitably operating freight railroads in the United States and throughout the world. Past international rail operations include rail lines in Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Australia.

Freight railroads play a crucial role in the world’s transportation network. IRP’s mission is to provide rail customers with safe, reliable, customized and efficient transportation solutions to move their product to end markets. Through targeted investment in capital improvements, IRP enhances operations and customer service to attract and retain top customers.

Our Management Team has Acquired and Operated more than 95 Short Line Railroads in Six Countries