Operating Strategy

We have historically operated with a decentralized management structure that allows general managers to make local, timely decisions in order to grow operations, while being supported by our centralized administrative, commercial and operational oversight teams from which to draw support and guidance.

We encourage entrepreneurial spirit, local knowledge, customer service and safety from our local management teams to drive our operations and financial goals. We believe in:

  • continuous rail industry training and education
  • continuous safety improvement to provide a best in class environment for the safety of our employees, customers and communities
  • providing outstanding customer service that exceeds their expectations, promoting customer loyalty and prompting new growth opportunities
  • focused regional marketing to expand rail services for our shippers and increase the
    industrial growth for the communities that we serve

IRP will assist in:

  • Providing efficient use of capital to invest in the upgrade of track and equipment to meet our strategic goals
  • Implementing best in class safety programs for our employees, customers and communities
  • Obtaining state, provincial and federal grants for capital investments
  • Developing focused regional value added marketing programs targeting new and existing customers
  • Centralizing services and expertise of its corporate office to grow our business and reduce common costs (legal, insurance, financing, information technology, human resources, purchasing, accounting, budgeting, marketing, safety, engineering, equipment, etc.)